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Lake Titicaca, located in the Andes Mtns in South America and bordered by Bolivia and Peru, is the highest navigable lake in the world, at over 13,000 ft. Looking across its clear, blue waters you will see lofty, snow covered mountains along its far shores. The area is enchanting and when you hear that the Children of the Sun emerged from these waters eons ago, together with stories of underwater crystal cities that are guarding the famous Solar Disk, you begin feel the emotion of the ancient Andean cosmology and the excitement of a futuristic vision emerging from the lake.

There is a legend that says at the time Lemuria was sinking, one of the seven Great Masters of Lemuria, Lord Aramu Muru, was given the mission to bring the sacred Golden Solar Disk from the Temple of Illumination to the Eternal Etheric City at Lake Titicaca for safekeeping. The Solar Disk was used  as a cosmic computer that received light information directly from the Universal Mind Source, Wiracocha, at the center of the galaxy. By entering the Temple of Illumination and opening themselves to the energy, the Lemurians could access the sacred wisdom. It is during our current time, the Age of Pachakuti, that the sacred Solar Disk is to be re-activated accessing the cosmic wisdom.

Many of the world’s spiritual leaders, as well as indigenous teachers, acknowledge that the energy of the planet shifted in 1987 from the masculine energies of Tibet to the feminine energies of Peru, and more particular, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, and The Sacred Valley of the Incas. This area is the acknowledged portal through which the new feminine energies are entering Mother Earth, Pachamama.

When we visited the lake we studied the sites of two documented underwater cities. The first is in the small part of the Lake, called  Winaymarka and is a 10 kilometer underwater city built in the shape of the Chakana, or Andean Cross. This city is connected with the cosmos and is said to be visited often by those Beings. This is the alleged site of the Solar Disk.
The other city is in a secret location (IE: not shown to tourists) and is located in the larger part of the Lake. Although at one time this crystal city was above water, it sank below the surface long ago and hence has been protected by the waters for eons. Precisely because of its protection, the city still holds an energy of pure light. What we heard while visiting the site was that when the time is right, that light will come back to help our world. This may be imminent! Judging from the vibration of energy near there, it will be an amazing event.
Near this underwater crystal city is the Isla del Sol. We were lucky to spend a couple of days and a night with a local family on this sparkling island. There are no cars or roads there and the place is pristine. The locals have formed a co-op to pick up any trash along the beaches each morning, so you will not see any. The air is so clear at over 13,000 feet that the colors of things like flowers are intensely unique. I awoke at 4:00am to go outside and was shown that the landscape was alive with millions of sparks of blue light. I have never felt such exhilaration in a land. The people farm the countryside and their animals are everywhere to help them. It is a peaceful, extraordinary island full of an otherworldly energy. I wonder what these simple, happy people know. See for yourself and please join us on our next adventure to Lake Titicaca in November 2012. See website below, for more details.
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Having just returned from a transformational journey to Peru and Bolivia, I feel overwhelmed with all that I have to share. Thinking about my time there, I will start with the most convincing, basic fact. The Andes Mountains hold the feminine energy of the planet. This concept was expressed by the Dalai Llama many years ago. Visiting there however, gives one a first hand realization of the truth of it, since it can be directly seen and felt.

The Andean people hold “Pachamama”, the feminine energy of our Mother Earth dear to their hearts and consistently speak of her with great reverence. While on the trail to the Sun Gate at Machu Picchu, I felt compelled to visit a massive rock just off the trail. Sitting in front of it, a kind of unconditional, motherly love swept over me. Emanating from this rock was a misty blanket of peace that wove its comfort around me. Then, I heard its gentle, welcoming song. Back on the trail, I asked a local worker what was up with the amazing rock.  “Oh”, he said in a reverent whisper, “that is Pachamama.”

The feminine energy is quite evident with the people living in the Andes.  The hard working women are proud to dress in their colorful skirts and hats, whether they are headed to market in town or out working the fields. They are always beautifully dressed with piles of petticoats under their skirts. The harmonizing key however, is found in a balance of energies, where the men do their part as well, so the families work together. For example, even today, the men plow the fields and the women plant the seeds. While staying on the Island of the Sun, we watched in amazement as both the husband and wife got to scrubbing the sheets together in one big outdoor washbasin.

Andean people participate directly with Mother Earth. Families spend their days out in the fields plowing, planting, harvesting, or even spinning wool. They are content to enjoy the day sitting and working on the Earth, watching their animals and fields, while the children play. It is a beautiful life which results in a deep love for their Pachamama. This is how they take care of our Earth. We owe them a great debt for their guardianship of Mother Earth. 

The Elders carefully prepare offerings of love and thankfulness to Pachamama. These are often buried into the Earth, heartfelt gifts of beauty, purity and sweetness that our Earth receives with gratefulness. We would do well to learn from these people of the Andes how to more honestly revere our Earth. Mother Earth would appreciate any intention of tender thoughtfulness, consideration and thanks from us. Why not? 

Our Mother Earth gives us everything, free for the taking: fresh water to drink, delicious food to eat, clean air to breathe, purifying fires, deep oceans, high mountains, lovely flowers, birds, animals, and everything we need to thrive. She is so grand and generous! Practice at least a thought of love for our Mother Earth each day. The Spirit of the Earth will feel it, appreciate it and you will be blessed for it.
Thank you, Tina
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Abiding by the signposted request to NOT TAKE PICTURES of the ceremonies in Hopiland, I resisted the urge to photograph the live Kachinas climbing up the tall ladders and out of the Kivas at dawn. I had been invited to witness the Kachina Ceremony, where young girls were presented Kachina dolls and boys, hand made bows and arrows. The ceremony, happening on the Third Mesa, would later that day be followed with Ogre Kachinas, going from house to house to remind the youngsters of how to be good children, by obeying their parents and other great advice.

Sitting at the kitchen table of Martin Charley, his wife, various kids and grandchildren all around, eating breakfast, I heard stories about the Hopi and their traditional lifestyle out there in Hopiland. It is busy with ceremonies happening often, sometimes more than one per day with the different Mesas and many extended families to support. Each month features a particular theme, all involving the Kivas and what could actually be considered secret societies of people conducting the events. It is wonderful to see such a spiritual commitment to ceremony and ritual and an excitement about life!
Martin’s son who was dressed up and one of the Kachinas during the sunrise ceremony told me that if he did not speak the native Hopi language, he would never understand what was happening inside the Kiva. It is good news to hear that the Hopi language is alive and strong. They had been growing bean sprouts in the Kiva and the secret society had just this very morning, harvested and delivered a large basket full of the sprouts to each household in the village. A feast was to be prepared throughout the day and these beautiful sprouts would be made into a soup dish that would be a medicine for the people. Everyone in the family was looking forward to the meal with great anticipation, similar to Christmas dinner in Dickens’ “The Christmas Carole.”  Margaret, Martin’s wife carefully unpacked and offered me one of the most delectable things I have ever eaten: rolled up, tissue paper thin cornbread, cooked on a “smooth, like glass” rock that would be the prize of any woman who creates these delights. There was a box of the delicate rolls already prepared for the feast.
Being there with the Hopi people, I could understand why they were considered the “Peaceful People.” Martin and his family had been generous and kind, inviting me, a virtual stranger into their home. They lived the spirit of interconnectedness that was the message I understood to be forthcoming from the second Prophecy Rock, which I went to visit.  It is pictured below, showing an instrument, that according to the Hopi Elders, will bring people together to create ONE WORLD. This instrument could very possibly be the Internet. The hope is that with the instrument we can all become people of peace and can accomplish this through a combined effort, altogether. We are the people we have been waiting for.
During breakfast, Martin told me that he realized I had been looking for a different Martin. He said that if I was looking for the Keeper of the Hopi Prophecies, that would be Martin Gashweseoma. His wife returned to me the gift that I had given them when I first arrived at their door, thinking I had found Martin, the Keeper of the Hopi Prophecies. They wanted me to give it to the person for whom it was intended. But I realized that these kind people who had shared their home, spirituality, knowledge and meal with me were, in fact, the right people. So, I told them that I wanted them to keep the gift but to share the message that came with it, which was that now, in my experience, we are all praying together.
The Dalai Llama has been to the Mesas to visit the Hopi. Tibetan and Hopi religions and cultures are closely associated and have similar prophecies. One example of similarity is that the Hopi word for “sun” is the exact same word as the Tibetan word for “moon” and vice versa. Amazing! from half a world away. Both people create elaborate sand paintings, to be destroyed upon their completion. After hearing about the Hopi – Tibetan connection, I knew it was important to go the Temple of Garchen Rinpoche near Prescott, Arizona to pay my respects. According to some of the people closely associated with the Rinpoches, they are committed to staying through 2012, to help us get through this time.There is quite a lot about the Hopi – Tibetan prophecy that I am unaware of, but I learned enough to know that I would drive 4 hours to visit the beautiful being of Garchen Rinpoche near Prescott.
So, I left my kind, new friends in Hopiland and drove West, across the mesas, to meet the Tibetan Rinpoche, known for his great kindness and compassion. He would be there that very day, celebrating the Tibetan New Year. So exciting!!!
Here is a YouTube of Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma, the actual Keeper of the Hopi Prophecies, speaking about the them:

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