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Following a beautiful afternoon in the Arizona desert at the Garchen Institute, I drove slowly into Prescott. That evening I met with about 100 other people in the local museum to hear Flordemayo, a member of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Born the youngest of 15 children in the highlands of Central America, Flordemayo was found at an early age – like others in her family – to have the gift of Sight. By age four, she was being trained in the art of curanderismo which had been handed down from mother to daughter for many generations. Flordemayo’s mother was a midwife and healer and taught her daughters in the use of herbs, women’s medicine and how women are to honor and care for the Earth.
  Flordemayo began her evening presentation with a prayer to Mother Earth and the Four       Directions. The prayer of Thanksgiving was so profoundly felt by her and us, that by the end
of it she was crying with the emotion of gratefulness.
She proceeded to tell us many stories of her life.  One of these was about the Sacred Seed Temple that she has been directed to create on her land in New Mexico for the purpose of protecting the sacred indigenous seeds with prayer and ritual for the next generations.
After telling us more stories of her life, she brought out her blessing oil which she had prepared from some of her sacred plants.  With it, she blessed each one of us.                                                                               
Lee Cook and I have arranged to meet with Flordemayo in hopes of setting up a workshop with her on her sacred land, later this summer, 2012.  We will be posting the details of the proposed workshop in our newsletter. Please subscribe here, if you would like to receive this information:  http://adventurousspirittravel.com/NEWSLETTER-spiritual-sacred-travels/subscribe-index.htm
Flordemayo is the recipient of the Martin de La Cruz Award for Alternative Healing, a prestigious honor given by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine. Flordemayo is also a founding director of the Institute for Natural and Traditional Knowledge.
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