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You may question, “Why bother with Elementals, Angels, Fairies and these other Beings?” What we have found is that they can bring happiness, love and understanding from a different realm into our own. Connecting with them promotes change and growth. Other Dimensions are, in fact reaching out to connect with us at this time. We have work to do together!

“Throughout time, history has recorded encounters with beings who reside in other dimensions and magical kingdoms. It is not by chance that every culture on Earth and every geographical area of the world has stories to tell about these enchanting beings. These beings have many names ranging from fairies, elves, and sylphs – to cherubim, seraphim and archangels. They are not of human form; instead they are distinct life forms of their own, residing in other dimensions of time/space. In Sanskrit, one word summarizes the entire range of these kingdoms, and that word is Deva, meaning God, good Spirit, or beings of Light.” Excerpt from the wonderful book “The Light Shall Set You Free” by Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune.

Feeling encouraged by these respected authors, we went with open hearts to Ireland to connect in whatever way we could. Lee Cook, who has been communicating with angels for as long as she can remember, wrote about the Angel, Faunashiel who was with us during our stay there. Her experience is recorded in our Trip Report for Ireland and you can read about her at: www.AdventurousSpiritTravel.com /News and Trip Reports. If you liked reading the best seller, “Angels In My Hair”, by Lorna Byrne, you will love reading about Lee’s experiences with the angelic realm.

While atop the Hollow Hill, near Lough Gur, I too, had an experience into another dimension that I will share here. After circling around the top of the Fairie Hill, we laid down at the edge of the circle, with our heads on the ground. I was on my back and watched a tiny bird flying around us, all by itself, singing as happily as could be possible. It continued circling, with a cheerful song, its wings beating so quickly that I could hardly see them. Being as diminutive as a fairy might be, I felt it was a message from them, saying that they were happy we were there. It felt joyful, lying on the soft grass and I looked up to see how my companions were doing. They were lying on their stomachs, now, cheeks on the grass. Well, I thought, I would try that, too.

The earth smelled so rich, with my nose right in it, like autumn leaves and well cured manure, mushrooms and Persian roses all tumbled together, it was powerful. I closed my eyes and the fragrance of the earth drew me into it immediately. I found myself in a dark tunnel, going deep into the earth. The smell was claustrophobic, almost moldy. But, for whatever reason, I kept going through the dark, earth tunnel. Soon, I arrived in a square room that was filled with golden light. The door closed. Fluttering about were, winged little lighted beings. They never stopped moving. I thought to myself, they are all a-flutter! They seemed so excited that someone was in the room with them, but they never stopped to say hello. What stood out in my memory was how this room was a precise cube. I recall the sharp angles of the ceiling. It was windowless, but the light inside was bright, with golden light and the tiny winged beings fluttering all about, kept the gold shimmering.

The room itself seemed like an antechamber. After awhile, a door on the other side opened into a forest, which did not have the warmth and brightness of the antechamber. As my eyes adjusted, I could make out in the dim light, tall, slender, white tree trunks. Then, one of them that looked like a tall birch came to life by moving its branch, like a long arm. From high up on the trunk, its mouth began to speak. I heard it say to come closer. I stepped into the forest. The tree spirit said to me in a low voice that he was glad I had come. I felt like I was standing in front of the school Principal. At the end of its long, branchy arm was a rather heavy looking, very tall crystal, shaped like a wand. The tree spirit tenderly tapped the tip of that long crystal on my head, waited a little bit, then gently said, “now you must be going.” I felt blessed. In an instant, I was back, lying on the grass, smelling the rich, sweet earth. I looked up and saw my friends still lying there, on the fairy hill. Sitting up, the beautiful vision of the shimmering golden cubic room, all a-flutter was clearly alive in my mind. Thinking back, I realize that the room must be an energy generator, located deep inside Mother Earth.

Recommended Reading:”Summer with the Leprechauns: A True Story”,by Tanis Helliwell. Ms Helliwell is the founder of the International Institute for Transformation. Reading her book helped us to understand that the world of the Elemental Beings is real and especially evident in Ireland. It also gives clear ways for humans to interact with those Beings.

WEBSITE : www.AdventurousSpiritTravel.com.

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During our Adventure in Ireland last September, we found a great book on the Dingle Peninsula, called, “The Discovery of the Dingle Diamond” by C.P.R. May.
I purchased it in a little store which was part of an old, Irish Teahouse over looking the pastures and ocean near the Slea Head Road. I asked the elderly owner how long she had lived there. “All my life”, came the answer. When I asked her if she had read the book, she informed me that indeed she had and that it was one of the best books she had ever read.
 “The Discovery of the Dingle Diamond” traces the history and the enigmatic wisdom of the Tuatha De Danaan, the ancient inhabitants of Ireland, called the Shining People. These are the same people who, legend has it, were defeated by the invaders of Ireland, over 5,000 years ago. The pure spirits of the Tuatha De Danaan agreed to a truce and moved underground, where they are still, today.
They are however, apparently making moves to affect our Earth now, as we prepare for a new age of more light. I wonder if on the Fairy Hill at Lough Gur, I made a connection with them. The story of what happened on the Fairy Hill will be coming forth in the next Blog. After reading Frank MacEowan’s book, “The Spiral of Memory and Belonging: A Celtic Path of Soul and Kinship”, it is clear that he has connected with the Shining People. Frank MacEowan has written other helpful books which can lead us to a better understanding of these special Beings and their connection with us today. As Robert Moss says in a review of MacEowan’s other book, “The Mist Filled Path”, “it is a beautiful and passionate description of a soul journey along the old Celtic roads between earth and sky.  It is also a spirited invitation to collective soul recovery, inviting us to reclaim ways of being and seeing that were shared by our ancestors.”
If you are interested in learning more of this mystical interaction with the pure ways of the Shining Ones from Ancient Ireland and we invite you read the books mentioned above for a better understanding. WEBSITE : www.AdventurousSpiritTravel.com.

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Beloved ones,
As your world turns towards the energy of  a new year, being given the gifts of space and time you may anticipate your world being as wonder-filled as you wish for it to be.

Change can be welcomed as the flow of time gives birth to the new seasons of hope and renewal. Change can be thought of as an acronym, a friendly word that brings about courage and inspiration: Choose Happiness Again, New Growth Eternally  (C.H.A.N.G.E.)

There are those who would have you believe and think otherwise: that change needs to be feared or avoided all together. Yet, change can be welcomed as the  quiet reflection of winter gives way to the songbirds of  spring.

We are with you as the Stars twinkling their radiance in the sky, the sunlight shimmering in the streams of clear water, in the frozen earth of winter and in the fertile soil being tilled for planting. As  food can nourish your body, we are with you as your Angels, to nourish your Soul and to refresh your Spirit.

Call upon us in your moments of inward looking or in those when you feel lost and cannot find your way. We stand beside you to guide your way. By listening to the rise and fall of your breath, closing your eyes and being still, as if you’ve opened a window to let the sunlight in, we can connect with you more deeply when you allow us to be closer through your own intent and willingness.

We await your invitation and gladly give of our love to you.We give thanks to you for allowing us to be in co-creation of this most wondrous Universe of All.

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I received these messages from the Angels and also Fauna and wanted to share them with all of you.
Much love,

A Messsage to all from the Angels,
To be in connection to the Divine first one must be in connection with the breath and beat of the heart, as the ocean tide moves across the shore, the pulse of the Universe is in the breath and the heart of every living being.

Health of the soul begins in the heart. To be open to the Angels is to first know that you are in harmony and connection with the Divine already, through the beating of your heart, through the flow of your blood. You already have the way to commune and communicate with all the intelligence of the Universe, it is within you now.

Your heart is already singing it’s song, as your own unique beat, your link to the Angels as you breath into your heart, gathering the peace and relaxation of your breath, you are there. The door way is open , the path is clear.

To feel us with you, first close your eyes to the waking sight and peek inside and see into the Universe with your inner eyes. With your breath guiding you as it ebbs and flows feel and sense, know and see all your Angels standing behind you, with you and around you as your constant support and connection to eternal love.

Place your hands over your heart, breath and relax. Listen with the soft inner ears of your heart, see with the bright inner eyes of your heart. Your heart and your mind are as one, all knowing, all trusting, relaxed and present.

Faunashiel is a Nature Angel, an Angel that holds in her body the love and peace of the Natural world for healing and creation. An Angel to assist in communion and connection to the Beings of the Natural worlds, anywhere upon Earth’s lands. She is an Angel for prosperity and abundance, generosity and clarity, creativity of words, actions and deeds. She is aligned with the joys of life.

As you breath in, see or sense or feel Faunashiel with you singing with you in her own special way adding her energy and love to your heart song.

A Message from Angel Faunashiel
For those of you who traveled to Ireland to discover the inner beauty of yourselves reflected in the outer beauty of the natural world around you, we congratulate you on your recent decision to partake of the energies and teachings, wonders and healing of the Earth as it is in Ireland.

As you integrate and digest your daily life experiences in a land far different from the green island, we encourage you to remember your heart song, and the love and offerings you left to inspire and bless the Spirits of the land there. When you are in need of refreshment, encouragement and delight, remember your time around the faerie tree, your time gazing at the lake, playing near the water’s edge as the ocean met the shore, dancing in the wind on the high cliffs, and listening to the ancient ones at the stones. You visited and gave appreciation and love for many beings that while may have remained unseen to you by your eyes, were felt by your heart. We thank each of you for your love and care in bringing your own unique heart song to this place and we will always be your friends to share with you and help you on your journey wherever your feet take you in your daily life.
Blessings and love to all,

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