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Following a beautiful afternoon in the Arizona desert at the Garchen Institute, I drove slowly into Prescott. That evening I met with about 100 other people in the local museum to hear Flordemayo, a member of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

Born the youngest of 15 children in the highlands of Central America, Flordemayo was found at an early age – like others in her family – to have the gift of Sight. By age four, she was being trained in the art of curanderismo which had been handed down from mother to daughter for many generations. Flordemayo’s mother was a midwife and healer and taught her daughters in the use of herbs, women’s medicine and how women are to honor and care for the Earth.
  Flordemayo began her evening presentation with a prayer to Mother Earth and the Four       Directions. The prayer of Thanksgiving was so profoundly felt by her and us, that by the end
of it she was crying with the emotion of gratefulness.
She proceeded to tell us many stories of her life.  One of these was about the Sacred Seed Temple that she has been directed to create on her land in New Mexico for the purpose of protecting the sacred indigenous seeds with prayer and ritual for the next generations.
After telling us more stories of her life, she brought out her blessing oil which she had prepared from some of her sacred plants.  With it, she blessed each one of us.                                                                               
Lee Cook and I have arranged to meet with Flordemayo in hopes of setting up a workshop with her on her sacred land, later this summer, 2012.  We will be posting the details of the proposed workshop in our newsletter. Please subscribe here, if you would like to receive this information:  http://adventurousspirittravel.com/NEWSLETTER-spiritual-sacred-travels/subscribe-index.htm
Flordemayo is the recipient of the Martin de La Cruz Award for Alternative Healing, a prestigious honor given by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine. Flordemayo is also a founding director of the Institute for Natural and Traditional Knowledge.
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After precious time with the Hopi people, I drove out across the Mesas with the pure intention of meeting the Garchen Rinpoche. I had been told that spending time with him would open the heart chakra of any Being.

I arrived just in time for a magnificent free lunch! From around the world, his disciples had gathered to honor the Tibetan New Year together with him. Russia, Germany, Taiwan, LA and many other places were represented by over 200 attendees. He was, as I expected, beaming with happiness and joking around about his missing teeth (the bottom ones!) I loved him at first sight.

Garchen Rinpoche, as with most Rinpoches has been descended in previous lives from many honorable lineages. But in this lifetime alone, he was recognized and enthroned in eastern Tibet by former Drikung Kyathgon Zhiwe Lodra. At the age of 7 he was brought to Lho Miyal Monastery, which he adminstered from the age of 11. Studying under Siddha Chime Dorje, he received profound instructions. Then at the age of 22, he was imprisoned for 20 years during the political turmoil of China’s Cultural Revolution. While in the labor camp,he received instruction from his root lama, Kempo Munsel. Enduring hardship and practicing secretly, Garchen Rinpoche attained realization of the Lama’s wisdom mind.

Since his release from prison in 1979, Garchen Rinpoche has been rebuilding monasteries, establishing a college, as well as two boarding schools for children in eastern Tibet. It is said that Garchen Rinpoche is omniscient and known for his vast realization as well as his great kindness and compassion.

While I was there I participated in ceremony at the Temple and visited his Stupa (see picture below) where people had been invited to camp out. Inside the Stupa, I found many simple but very enlightening teachings mounted on the walls. Also, stored there were some 44 relics of honorable Lamas and teachers from days gone by. As the wind whipped the prayer flags on this hill over looking the Arizona desert, I felt a certain calm and peace. Receiving hugs from him, I did indeed feel my heart chakra opening. I was so glad I had made the journey.

For more information on his White Tara Teachings, please visit this site: http://www.garchen.net/

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Abiding by the signposted request to NOT TAKE PICTURES of the ceremonies in Hopiland, I resisted the urge to photograph the live Kachinas climbing up the tall ladders and out of the Kivas at dawn. I had been invited to witness the Kachina Ceremony, where young girls were presented Kachina dolls and boys, hand made bows and arrows. The ceremony, happening on the Third Mesa, would later that day be followed with Ogre Kachinas, going from house to house to remind the youngsters of how to be good children, by obeying their parents and other great advice.

Sitting at the kitchen table of Martin Charley, his wife, various kids and grandchildren all around, eating breakfast, I heard stories about the Hopi and their traditional lifestyle out there in Hopiland. It is busy with ceremonies happening often, sometimes more than one per day with the different Mesas and many extended families to support. Each month features a particular theme, all involving the Kivas and what could actually be considered secret societies of people conducting the events. It is wonderful to see such a spiritual commitment to ceremony and ritual and an excitement about life!
Martin’s son who was dressed up and one of the Kachinas during the sunrise ceremony told me that if he did not speak the native Hopi language, he would never understand what was happening inside the Kiva. It is good news to hear that the Hopi language is alive and strong. They had been growing bean sprouts in the Kiva and the secret society had just this very morning, harvested and delivered a large basket full of the sprouts to each household in the village. A feast was to be prepared throughout the day and these beautiful sprouts would be made into a soup dish that would be a medicine for the people. Everyone in the family was looking forward to the meal with great anticipation, similar to Christmas dinner in Dickens’ “The Christmas Carole.”  Margaret, Martin’s wife carefully unpacked and offered me one of the most delectable things I have ever eaten: rolled up, tissue paper thin cornbread, cooked on a “smooth, like glass” rock that would be the prize of any woman who creates these delights. There was a box of the delicate rolls already prepared for the feast.
Being there with the Hopi people, I could understand why they were considered the “Peaceful People.” Martin and his family had been generous and kind, inviting me, a virtual stranger into their home. They lived the spirit of interconnectedness that was the message I understood to be forthcoming from the second Prophecy Rock, which I went to visit.  It is pictured below, showing an instrument, that according to the Hopi Elders, will bring people together to create ONE WORLD. This instrument could very possibly be the Internet. The hope is that with the instrument we can all become people of peace and can accomplish this through a combined effort, altogether. We are the people we have been waiting for.
During breakfast, Martin told me that he realized I had been looking for a different Martin. He said that if I was looking for the Keeper of the Hopi Prophecies, that would be Martin Gashweseoma. His wife returned to me the gift that I had given them when I first arrived at their door, thinking I had found Martin, the Keeper of the Hopi Prophecies. They wanted me to give it to the person for whom it was intended. But I realized that these kind people who had shared their home, spirituality, knowledge and meal with me were, in fact, the right people. So, I told them that I wanted them to keep the gift but to share the message that came with it, which was that now, in my experience, we are all praying together.
The Dalai Llama has been to the Mesas to visit the Hopi. Tibetan and Hopi religions and cultures are closely associated and have similar prophecies. One example of similarity is that the Hopi word for “sun” is the exact same word as the Tibetan word for “moon” and vice versa. Amazing! from half a world away. Both people create elaborate sand paintings, to be destroyed upon their completion. After hearing about the Hopi – Tibetan connection, I knew it was important to go the Temple of Garchen Rinpoche near Prescott, Arizona to pay my respects. According to some of the people closely associated with the Rinpoches, they are committed to staying through 2012, to help us get through this time.There is quite a lot about the Hopi – Tibetan prophecy that I am unaware of, but I learned enough to know that I would drive 4 hours to visit the beautiful being of Garchen Rinpoche near Prescott.
So, I left my kind, new friends in Hopiland and drove West, across the mesas, to meet the Tibetan Rinpoche, known for his great kindness and compassion. He would be there that very day, celebrating the Tibetan New Year. So exciting!!!
Here is a YouTube of Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma, the actual Keeper of the Hopi Prophecies, speaking about the them:

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Interrupting the spiritual pilgrimage to Arizona to bring you this TRIBUTE  to the JAPANESE PEOPLE  on the one year anniversary of their devastating earthquake and tsunami. We want to share a special acknowledgment both in English and Japanese, of the Angel message that Lee received last year after the tsunami. She was asked to bring through a message for the people of Japan and this is what she received. We would like to thank Minori Murata, a dear friend and translator, for her translation.
Japanese translation:
エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc
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Dear ones,
Japan is a very special place  upon the Earth and the souls that are born in Japan or live there are also souls who have come to help fulfill a destiny for Earth.  The Angels that take care of Japan love it and its people dearly. These Angels were not able to prevent what happened but have been working hard to help prevent further loss of life.
Japan has a special destiny to  help create a new path for humanity to follow. Just as in times past with the event of the atom bomb in Japan that changed the destiny of humankind, so it is again that the people of Japan are helping to open the doorway to a new understanding of  living upon the Earth with more love and respect for Earth and each other.
The peoples of the Earth have watched and witnessed before the ingenuity and creativity of the people of Japan.The people of Japan are demonstrating to the rest of the world that in a time of great crisis and great sorrow, people can be kind to each other, and  show great strength, dignity, kindness, courage, integrity, and love. Love and peace on Earth will happen by people working together and helping each other.                                                          

Pray for  those who have made their transition beyond the physical. These  people had dreams and hopes, inspirations and love to share. They had ideas to help humanity. Now, they will be  spiritiual helpers to their loved ones, friends and family to assist the Earth in the next phase. They have been taken by their Angels  to a place of peace. The Japanese people are not being punished by Earth, the Japanese have a special role to play in the great teachings of reminding human kind to share with each other and love one another.
The people living upon the Earth are beginning to realize that they are living upon a living and breathing Being who is alive and experiencing her own stretching and movement .The Earth is not in her final moments, but rather is shifting and birthing into new levels of frequency and conciousness. The Earth is an alive Being, just like a human being, a cat or dog, dolphin, flower, cloud, or rock. All things that are created upon the Earth have energy and light and intelligence.
Energies and time upon the Earth are speeding up and intensifying. This is a time of great winds of change and power sweeping over the earth.When pressure builds up within her center the Earth has to move to release this pressure. The Earth’s spirit has to release pressure caused by people being out of balance and taking too much from Her. She has to move and re-align herself with the Universe. The Earth is feeling the pain of pollution in her water, her soil and air. She is trying to release this pressure, she is not wanting to cause pain and suffering for her children, the people and living things on the Earth.
Pollution has to stop, people must help one another stop hurting the Earth. Recycling, planting trees, re-using resources, taking care of the Earth and each other, that is what the Earth wants to be calm and peaceful.To be simple with one’s daily needs, to walk in balance and harmony within oneself, to take the time to appreciate your friends and family, these are all ways to love.As you walk, or drive your car, ride a bicycle, or a train or bus,or fly in a plane, bless the Earth with your love and appreciation. The Earth is your  planetary mother and has great love for each and every one.
Each person has an Angel, the Earth has it’s own Special Angel. There are Angels helping  create peace, balance and harmony in each country. The Japanese people and all people are being asked by their Angels to come together in love and peace and to help the Earth by being kind and thoughtful to the Earth and each other. Pray for each other and the Earth.
Prayer is an energy that is just as real as a kiss or a hug. Prayer is an energy that comes from your heart, with your intention to show love and care. Use prayer as a way to show love and kindness to the Earth and each other. When you close your eyes and focus your energy in your heart and pray, you are asking for the Energies and Love of the Universe to help you and help others. Your Angels also  pray with you to give your prayers even more strength and power.
By loving the earth, loving each other and using the gift of prayer, peace and harmony will be upon the Earth for all the future generations to come to celebrate the Earth and it’s beauty and gifts. There is enough for all to have plenty of food, clean air and water. The Earth’s people are being asked by the Earth to help take care of her so she can continue to provide shelter and  sanctuary and bountiful gifts for each generation to come in the future.
With love to all,
The Angels of Earth
Here is the same information from the angels, but in Japanese:


READ in Japanese:

エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc
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ARIGATO video: 
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“‘You are on a rainbow path of great spiritual work,’ is what the angels told me,” said my friend Lee who talks with them all the time.

What does that mean? Well, this last weekend while in Arizona, I spent time in the Boynton Canyon vortexes, in Hopiland at a sunrise Kachina Ceremony, at Garchen Rinpoche’s Tibetan New Year Ceremony and in workshops with Flordemayo, a member on the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. I enjoyed many flavors of heart opening spiritual work!

Let me start with my experience in Boynton Canyon. This place, located near Sedona, Arizona is buzzing with vortex energy. Hiking in there, the towering cliffs are ablaze with red iron in their rocks. Not only that, but when you look at them in the sun, they sparkle with tiny crystals, like an endless pave diamond ring. All the redness in these rocks which engulf you, can make you feel that you are back in the womb and are  having a rebirthing experience. It is possible that one could be re-calibrated among all that crystalline energy. The deeper you get in the canyon, the more you begin to see. Below is a picture of sacred thunderbirds flying along the canyon walls.

How does the vortex energy affect a person?  Mostly, I become exceedingly joyful, like I am balanced, especially emotionally. There are actually scientific studies done on the magnetics of the energy around the Sedona vortexes which indicate a change in a person’s physiology. I can believe that something is happening. Thoughts become more clear and personally, I begin to see other dimensions which I do not often see. It is something that must be experienced, because it is difficult to describe. One sure thing when you go, is that you will begin to see with your heart eyes, not just the eyes in your head.

What I like to do is climb up the walls of the canyon and look down in there. As Flordemayo, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers said at the workshop on Sunday, there are numerous crystal cities that many people are seeing all around, on earth now. I believe that one of them is there in Boynton Canyon. It seems to be an ancient Lemurian site, reviving. The picture I took here, above, reminds me of the ancient Hawaiians, also Lemurian folk. I took the picture in Boynton Canyon, where they appear to be statues of ancient Lemurian Royalty looking out over their city, eons of years old. 

On the way out I could not help but see this Native Guardian of the canyon. Is he a watch keeper of all who come and go? It is a magical place!  We hope you can come with us the next time we go to Sedona to explore the territory. Next up: Hopiland and my experience of searching for the Prophecy Keeper: Grandfather Martin.        

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