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I received these messages from the Angels and also Fauna and wanted to share them with all of you.
Much love,

A Messsage to all from the Angels,
To be in connection to the Divine first one must be in connection with the breath and beat of the heart, as the ocean tide moves across the shore, the pulse of the Universe is in the breath and the heart of every living being.

Health of the soul begins in the heart. To be open to the Angels is to first know that you are in harmony and connection with the Divine already, through the beating of your heart, through the flow of your blood. You already have the way to commune and communicate with all the intelligence of the Universe, it is within you now.

Your heart is already singing it’s song, as your own unique beat, your link to the Angels as you breath into your heart, gathering the peace and relaxation of your breath, you are there. The door way is open , the path is clear.

To feel us with you, first close your eyes to the waking sight and peek inside and see into the Universe with your inner eyes. With your breath guiding you as it ebbs and flows feel and sense, know and see all your Angels standing behind you, with you and around you as your constant support and connection to eternal love.

Place your hands over your heart, breath and relax. Listen with the soft inner ears of your heart, see with the bright inner eyes of your heart. Your heart and your mind are as one, all knowing, all trusting, relaxed and present.

Faunashiel is a Nature Angel, an Angel that holds in her body the love and peace of the Natural world for healing and creation. An Angel to assist in communion and connection to the Beings of the Natural worlds, anywhere upon Earth’s lands. She is an Angel for prosperity and abundance, generosity and clarity, creativity of words, actions and deeds. She is aligned with the joys of life.

As you breath in, see or sense or feel Faunashiel with you singing with you in her own special way adding her energy and love to your heart song.

A Message from Angel Faunashiel
For those of you who traveled to Ireland to discover the inner beauty of yourselves reflected in the outer beauty of the natural world around you, we congratulate you on your recent decision to partake of the energies and teachings, wonders and healing of the Earth as it is in Ireland.

As you integrate and digest your daily life experiences in a land far different from the green island, we encourage you to remember your heart song, and the love and offerings you left to inspire and bless the Spirits of the land there. When you are in need of refreshment, encouragement and delight, remember your time around the faerie tree, your time gazing at the lake, playing near the water’s edge as the ocean met the shore, dancing in the wind on the high cliffs, and listening to the ancient ones at the stones. You visited and gave appreciation and love for many beings that while may have remained unseen to you by your eyes, were felt by your heart. We thank each of you for your love and care in bringing your own unique heart song to this place and we will always be your friends to share with you and help you on your journey wherever your feet take you in your daily life.
Blessings and love to all,


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