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Lake Titicaca, located in the Andes Mtns in South America and bordered by Bolivia and Peru, is the highest navigable lake in the world, at over 13,000 ft. Looking across its clear, blue waters you will see lofty, snow covered mountains along its far shores. The area is enchanting and when you hear that the Children of the Sun emerged from these waters eons ago, together with stories of underwater crystal cities that are guarding the famous Solar Disk, you begin feel the emotion of the ancient Andean cosmology and the excitement of a futuristic vision emerging from the lake.

There is a legend that says at the time Lemuria was sinking, one of the seven Great Masters of Lemuria, Lord Aramu Muru, was given the mission to bring the sacred Golden Solar Disk from the Temple of Illumination to the Eternal Etheric City at Lake Titicaca for safekeeping. The Solar Disk was used  as a cosmic computer that received light information directly from the Universal Mind Source, Wiracocha, at the center of the galaxy. By entering the Temple of Illumination and opening themselves to the energy, the Lemurians could access the sacred wisdom. It is during our current time, the Age of Pachakuti, that the sacred Solar Disk is to be re-activated accessing the cosmic wisdom.

Many of the world’s spiritual leaders, as well as indigenous teachers, acknowledge that the energy of the planet shifted in 1987 from the masculine energies of Tibet to the feminine energies of Peru, and more particular, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, and The Sacred Valley of the Incas. This area is the acknowledged portal through which the new feminine energies are entering Mother Earth, Pachamama.

When we visited the lake we studied the sites of two documented underwater cities. The first is in the small part of the Lake, called  Winaymarka and is a 10 kilometer underwater city built in the shape of the Chakana, or Andean Cross. This city is connected with the cosmos and is said to be visited often by those Beings. This is the alleged site of the Solar Disk.
The other city is in a secret location (IE: not shown to tourists) and is located in the larger part of the Lake. Although at one time this crystal city was above water, it sank below the surface long ago and hence has been protected by the waters for eons. Precisely because of its protection, the city still holds an energy of pure light. What we heard while visiting the site was that when the time is right, that light will come back to help our world. This may be imminent! Judging from the vibration of energy near there, it will be an amazing event.
Near this underwater crystal city is the Isla del Sol. We were lucky to spend a couple of days and a night with a local family on this sparkling island. There are no cars or roads there and the place is pristine. The locals have formed a co-op to pick up any trash along the beaches each morning, so you will not see any. The air is so clear at over 13,000 feet that the colors of things like flowers are intensely unique. I awoke at 4:00am to go outside and was shown that the landscape was alive with millions of sparks of blue light. I have never felt such exhilaration in a land. The people farm the countryside and their animals are everywhere to help them. It is a peaceful, extraordinary island full of an otherworldly energy. I wonder what these simple, happy people know. See for yourself and please join us on our next adventure to Lake Titicaca in November 2012. See website below, for more details.
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“‘You are on a rainbow path of great spiritual work,’ is what the angels told me,” said my friend Lee who talks with them all the time.

What does that mean? Well, this last weekend while in Arizona, I spent time in the Boynton Canyon vortexes, in Hopiland at a sunrise Kachina Ceremony, at Garchen Rinpoche’s Tibetan New Year Ceremony and in workshops with Flordemayo, a member on the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. I enjoyed many flavors of heart opening spiritual work!

Let me start with my experience in Boynton Canyon. This place, located near Sedona, Arizona is buzzing with vortex energy. Hiking in there, the towering cliffs are ablaze with red iron in their rocks. Not only that, but when you look at them in the sun, they sparkle with tiny crystals, like an endless pave diamond ring. All the redness in these rocks which engulf you, can make you feel that you are back in the womb and are  having a rebirthing experience. It is possible that one could be re-calibrated among all that crystalline energy. The deeper you get in the canyon, the more you begin to see. Below is a picture of sacred thunderbirds flying along the canyon walls.

How does the vortex energy affect a person?  Mostly, I become exceedingly joyful, like I am balanced, especially emotionally. There are actually scientific studies done on the magnetics of the energy around the Sedona vortexes which indicate a change in a person’s physiology. I can believe that something is happening. Thoughts become more clear and personally, I begin to see other dimensions which I do not often see. It is something that must be experienced, because it is difficult to describe. One sure thing when you go, is that you will begin to see with your heart eyes, not just the eyes in your head.

What I like to do is climb up the walls of the canyon and look down in there. As Flordemayo, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers said at the workshop on Sunday, there are numerous crystal cities that many people are seeing all around, on earth now. I believe that one of them is there in Boynton Canyon. It seems to be an ancient Lemurian site, reviving. The picture I took here, above, reminds me of the ancient Hawaiians, also Lemurian folk. I took the picture in Boynton Canyon, where they appear to be statues of ancient Lemurian Royalty looking out over their city, eons of years old. 

On the way out I could not help but see this Native Guardian of the canyon. Is he a watch keeper of all who come and go? It is a magical place!  We hope you can come with us the next time we go to Sedona to explore the territory. Next up: Hopiland and my experience of searching for the Prophecy Keeper: Grandfather Martin.        

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