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The Angel’s message for June, 2012

Beloved Ones,
What a divine time it is to be alive upon the Earth. The flow of life has been quickening for all, as the Earth’s own energy fields are changing into vibrations filled with more light and less density.

The recent blessing of the celestial event of Venus gracing  the Sun, and the Sun blessing Venus with it’s full radiant solar light, created  blended waves of energy, that will be felt and experienced in your atmosphere for a long time.

Like waves touching the beach, the water flowing from a far distant shoreline to another, so it is with this experience. For many years, there has been the understanding that there is Oneness. A ball of energy goes out from your heart when you feel  happy and loving, if it is  coupled by your thoughts and intention to create peace in your life and upon the Earth, this creates an energy field that is felt and received by the Earth, there is a sense of wholeness and Oneness.

As your technology continues to develop, these energy fields that reveal oneness are easily seen through tools and equipment developed to comprehend and receive these delicate particles of light. As the human body  continues to evolve and develop and gain access to more pathways of higher brain function and senses, these  energy fields can and will be seen by the human eye, and also through the knowing of the human heart.

The Earth is  blessed with the care and guidance of many Celestial Beings, these blessings can be felt when one is quiet in one’s mind and receptive to the pulse of life as it flows through the body. Each breath can become a prayer of thankfulness and gratitude. As one opens to the blessings that flow freely and generously from the Cosmos, a person can feel more at peace, balanced in mind, body and soul and relaxed.

The Celestial Beings interact with the Earth and all it’s dynamic life force energy,  the magnificent Being’s  known to you as Sun and Venus,  have recently gifted their love and energy to be as an example of the representation of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine upon the Earth. Their energy was united as they danced with one another in the Heavens. The Sun representing a Masculine energy, blessed and acknowledged Venus as the Divine Feminine energy. With their example of Sacred Union, they demonstrate to all, the joy of being in exalted relationship.

Both men and women can and do experience both streams of energy. Now is the time of the Divine Feminine energies  rising up more freely upon the Earth, even within the strongest man, there is the capability to be tender and protective of all life. Like the arms or branches of a tall tree, gently holding a delicate bird’s nest protecting it from the strong winds; so can the wonderful powerful energy of the Masculine offer it’s support, intelligence, and power, to the creative, nurturing, life-sustaining intelligence of the Divine Feminine. All benefit from this union, as nothing is denied or set aside, power is balanced, life-nuturing decisions are made for all of  Earth, including more love and care of the Earth herself.

Call upon the blessing and power of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, at their very best, in support of and harmony with, each other. Imagine that you are standing and living in the experience of being in the middle of a figure-eight symbol, the infinity symbol, with graceful arcs of energy from both streams flowing through you, and from you. What a wonderful and joyful feeling and experience. From the tops of the mountains to the depths of the oceans, from the tiniest drop of rain to the thundering waterfalls, all are connected to each other and in loving relationship. As you imagine peace and harmony between these forces, you create it to be.

Blessings to all

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Interrupting the spiritual pilgrimage to Arizona to bring you this TRIBUTE  to the JAPANESE PEOPLE  on the one year anniversary of their devastating earthquake and tsunami. We want to share a special acknowledgment both in English and Japanese, of the Angel message that Lee received last year after the tsunami. She was asked to bring through a message for the people of Japan and this is what she received. We would like to thank Minori Murata, a dear friend and translator, for her translation.
Japanese translation:
エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc
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Dear ones,
Japan is a very special place  upon the Earth and the souls that are born in Japan or live there are also souls who have come to help fulfill a destiny for Earth.  The Angels that take care of Japan love it and its people dearly. These Angels were not able to prevent what happened but have been working hard to help prevent further loss of life.
Japan has a special destiny to  help create a new path for humanity to follow. Just as in times past with the event of the atom bomb in Japan that changed the destiny of humankind, so it is again that the people of Japan are helping to open the doorway to a new understanding of  living upon the Earth with more love and respect for Earth and each other.
The peoples of the Earth have watched and witnessed before the ingenuity and creativity of the people of Japan.The people of Japan are demonstrating to the rest of the world that in a time of great crisis and great sorrow, people can be kind to each other, and  show great strength, dignity, kindness, courage, integrity, and love. Love and peace on Earth will happen by people working together and helping each other.                                                          

Pray for  those who have made their transition beyond the physical. These  people had dreams and hopes, inspirations and love to share. They had ideas to help humanity. Now, they will be  spiritiual helpers to their loved ones, friends and family to assist the Earth in the next phase. They have been taken by their Angels  to a place of peace. The Japanese people are not being punished by Earth, the Japanese have a special role to play in the great teachings of reminding human kind to share with each other and love one another.
The people living upon the Earth are beginning to realize that they are living upon a living and breathing Being who is alive and experiencing her own stretching and movement .The Earth is not in her final moments, but rather is shifting and birthing into new levels of frequency and conciousness. The Earth is an alive Being, just like a human being, a cat or dog, dolphin, flower, cloud, or rock. All things that are created upon the Earth have energy and light and intelligence.
Energies and time upon the Earth are speeding up and intensifying. This is a time of great winds of change and power sweeping over the earth.When pressure builds up within her center the Earth has to move to release this pressure. The Earth’s spirit has to release pressure caused by people being out of balance and taking too much from Her. She has to move and re-align herself with the Universe. The Earth is feeling the pain of pollution in her water, her soil and air. She is trying to release this pressure, she is not wanting to cause pain and suffering for her children, the people and living things on the Earth.
Pollution has to stop, people must help one another stop hurting the Earth. Recycling, planting trees, re-using resources, taking care of the Earth and each other, that is what the Earth wants to be calm and peaceful.To be simple with one’s daily needs, to walk in balance and harmony within oneself, to take the time to appreciate your friends and family, these are all ways to love.As you walk, or drive your car, ride a bicycle, or a train or bus,or fly in a plane, bless the Earth with your love and appreciation. The Earth is your  planetary mother and has great love for each and every one.
Each person has an Angel, the Earth has it’s own Special Angel. There are Angels helping  create peace, balance and harmony in each country. The Japanese people and all people are being asked by their Angels to come together in love and peace and to help the Earth by being kind and thoughtful to the Earth and each other. Pray for each other and the Earth.
Prayer is an energy that is just as real as a kiss or a hug. Prayer is an energy that comes from your heart, with your intention to show love and care. Use prayer as a way to show love and kindness to the Earth and each other. When you close your eyes and focus your energy in your heart and pray, you are asking for the Energies and Love of the Universe to help you and help others. Your Angels also  pray with you to give your prayers even more strength and power.
By loving the earth, loving each other and using the gift of prayer, peace and harmony will be upon the Earth for all the future generations to come to celebrate the Earth and it’s beauty and gifts. There is enough for all to have plenty of food, clean air and water. The Earth’s people are being asked by the Earth to help take care of her so she can continue to provide shelter and  sanctuary and bountiful gifts for each generation to come in the future.
With love to all,
The Angels of Earth
Here is the same information from the angels, but in Japanese:


READ in Japanese:

エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc エンジェルからのメッセージ.doc
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ARIGATO video: 
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