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Before leaving the amazing experiences that I encountered in Arizona, I wanted one last jolt of energy.  So, I drove off to visit Montezuma’s well.
 There I found a most enlivening vortex. The well is located in a large, round, deep  sinkhole, 368 feet wide measuring 70 feet from the water to the tops of the cliffs. Every day approximately 1.5 million gallons of warm (74°) water flow from the well. The Well is fed by three to four large underwater vents, some 56 feet below the surface. Spiraling out from this round, life supporting space full of fresh water is an energy that is most invigorating. The Yavapai people believe they emerged into this world through the well, and as such, it is a very sacred place to them.  I sat down on the cliffs overlooking the well and absorbed this lovely sense of sacred peace.
The area has been visited and inhabited for the past 11, 000 years, which is understandable when one sees that amazing amount of water emerging from an otherwise dry desert. Many ruins from numerous civilizations are evident all around the area.
The water flows from the Well through a 300 foot long cave to emerge on the southeast side of the sinkhole mound. Here it is diverted into an ancient irrigation ditch built over 1,000 years ago by the Hohokam and Sinaguan Indians who farmed here for centuries. The large sycamore trees spreading out across the valley, along with the energy that emerges with the water coming through the walls of the well here create a special ambiance. It provided a lovely spot to meditate on all I had experienced during my valuable time in Arizona.
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“‘You are on a rainbow path of great spiritual work,’ is what the angels told me,” said my friend Lee who talks with them all the time.

What does that mean? Well, this last weekend while in Arizona, I spent time in the Boynton Canyon vortexes, in Hopiland at a sunrise Kachina Ceremony, at Garchen Rinpoche’s Tibetan New Year Ceremony and in workshops with Flordemayo, a member on the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. I enjoyed many flavors of heart opening spiritual work!

Let me start with my experience in Boynton Canyon. This place, located near Sedona, Arizona is buzzing with vortex energy. Hiking in there, the towering cliffs are ablaze with red iron in their rocks. Not only that, but when you look at them in the sun, they sparkle with tiny crystals, like an endless pave diamond ring. All the redness in these rocks which engulf you, can make you feel that you are back in the womb and are  having a rebirthing experience. It is possible that one could be re-calibrated among all that crystalline energy. The deeper you get in the canyon, the more you begin to see. Below is a picture of sacred thunderbirds flying along the canyon walls.

How does the vortex energy affect a person?  Mostly, I become exceedingly joyful, like I am balanced, especially emotionally. There are actually scientific studies done on the magnetics of the energy around the Sedona vortexes which indicate a change in a person’s physiology. I can believe that something is happening. Thoughts become more clear and personally, I begin to see other dimensions which I do not often see. It is something that must be experienced, because it is difficult to describe. One sure thing when you go, is that you will begin to see with your heart eyes, not just the eyes in your head.

What I like to do is climb up the walls of the canyon and look down in there. As Flordemayo, one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers said at the workshop on Sunday, there are numerous crystal cities that many people are seeing all around, on earth now. I believe that one of them is there in Boynton Canyon. It seems to be an ancient Lemurian site, reviving. The picture I took here, above, reminds me of the ancient Hawaiians, also Lemurian folk. I took the picture in Boynton Canyon, where they appear to be statues of ancient Lemurian Royalty looking out over their city, eons of years old. 

On the way out I could not help but see this Native Guardian of the canyon. Is he a watch keeper of all who come and go? It is a magical place!  We hope you can come with us the next time we go to Sedona to explore the territory. Next up: Hopiland and my experience of searching for the Prophecy Keeper: Grandfather Martin.        

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