Adventurous Spirit Travel offers unique, rich and memorable life experiences that provide like-hearted people with the opportunity to explore our beautiful world together. We seek understanding with open hearts, as pilgrims on a sacred journey. The intention is to help guide people with care and companionship, weaving stories together through ceremony and discussion. It is our belief that while traveling, we see the world with fresh eyes, discovering not only wonders around us but also, the wonders within each of us. It seems that many people want a deeper understanding of our world and conscious travel can be a doorway to provide a much needed clarity. We feel that this is the right time to be offering our service to humanity. As pilgrims we tread softly on the Earth, seeking to contribute peace to our world by connecting with other beings, near and far. We travel respectfully, abiding by the laws of Nature. Our traveling groups bring good will to the four corners of our world. It is time for peace to come to all, Hearts to Earth. "Don't wait to be ready.Everything you need for this journey is available to you right now." ~ K. Bradford Brown

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